Up Hill


via Daily Prompt: Climbing

The Road to success is a hard climb, I feel tired and drained, my hands hurt, my feet hurt, my body hurts even may brain is exhausted.  I am toying with how to proceed; “I should stop now” no “I will keep Moving” …….”Just quite you can’t make it” or “you got this girl you can make it”. Just then I glimpse down and realization sets in, I have made it this far just maybe a little further wont be bad.

Climbing to my destiny.

I now know

Imagine growing up wondering what will the future hold. That’s the life of a Osteogenesis Imperfecta patient. They have no idea what will happen next, where life will take them and would they be able to enjoy all the wonders that the world has to offer. If that’s isn’t enough, how about wondering; will be able to make it down and up these stairs without falling, that’s how a Multiple Sclerosis patient thinks. Now try putting your self in their shoe. Not so ease to do is it?

I had the pleasure to embark on an outreach trip recently to a home for the disable with some friends and associated, and can I tell you I was pleased with the revelation they had while they were there. Though happy I was with the words that spilled from their mouths I knew they didn’t quite understand or appreciated half of there life’s.  We complain so much about what we don’t have instead of being grateful for what we have, and we do this until our last days.

Here is a quick thing instead of being so caught up with what you don’t have why not just be grateful and appreciate what you do. I know it’s a cliché but why not stop and smell the roses, taste the rain, feel the sun, smile more, be patient, be kind, smile more, say hello (you never know who might need it). These are all ways to show our appreciation for what you have.




Moving forward

“Consistency has its place but it also needs to be questioned. Living is not about sitting in a stagnant pool that is getting no fresh input to keep it clean and circulating well. LIFE IS ABOUT FORWARD MOTION. Being stuck is akin to being cemented into place. Wearing blinders or refusing to change means you don’t get to experience life as fully as possible. Your opportunities to be enthusiastic and energetic are drastically diminished.”