It’s Okay

We all have that one mistake that keeps us awake at nights. That one thing that we hope and pray we get the opportunity to do all over again. We wish so hard that it didn’t happen. We beg and plea with God or the Universe to forgive us, we search for clues or signs that it’s okay but all we see is that one mistake.

Well am here to tell you, you’re not the only one.  Don’t be so quick to beat yourself up, it’s okay to make mistakes. Trust and believe that it will be okay. Stop fighting so hard for God or the Universe forgiveness and forgive yourself first.

We first need to accept that it was a mistake and move on. Yes, I know it’s not easy. But all you need to do is take it one day at a time, minute by minute even.

Trust that you will reach a point where its’ okay. You’ll be fine, I promise.


Thought for the day

whatever you see me with, where you see me in life (be it a good place or a bad place) I worked hard to get there. We all got our own circumstances how we handle them is what makes us different. I handle mine the best way I know how. Just like you are handling yours the best way you know. Never let my shine distract you, we all shine at different levels in different way. Work for what you want and the rewards will be yours. Have faith that what you put in is good enough to get you there. Be focus and always keep your goals in site. -S.P. Good morning!

Dear me!

“Please remember you’re important, please remember you’re loved. Don’t get so caught up in society that you forget about yourselve. I understand you think fitting in is the norm but remember you can also be unique. Don’t let the hurtful things others will say about you distract you from your beauty. Please don’t give up on us yet, we can still fight. Its okay to let people go, we will meet more along the way. 

Be mindful that in order to love you have to love you first. No, its not been selfish. I get it your upset, but you don’t need to distort who you are. Come on! I understand its not easy being you, but I also know there are people out there willing to love you. Just need to be patient. Of course people care about you, just take a good look around. Dont you see them rooting for you. Now its time to root for you.”

This was written to myself as a remind that I need to put me first in order to be my best.

Believe me I know and understand more than you think what it feels like to be odd, to be exclude, to be hated for little to no reason. However I had to learn that I can’t control peoples thoughts. What others think of me is not what I think of myself. 

We all need to learn to love ourselves just as much as we love others. We need to accept our self just as hard as we want others to accept us. 


 Just because that plan didn’t work out doesn’t mean you should quit. I know we all have those moments when it seems “giving up” is the best option. But trust me its not. Look at this way, you failed because that plan wasn’t the right plan. You should now take the initiative to reevaluate that plan and a do a complete revamp. Thats how you learn from failing. There is a popular quote by Thomas A. Edison that might not be so popular and it says “I didnt fail. I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

Sweetie you didnt fail either, u just found some ways to help improve the next plan. So the next time you think you should “give up” look in the mirror and say “you got this, we just have to work harder”. And this statement can be your most powerful statement in life. Try it and see. 

Happiness is for you!

When your so happy and content with yourself that the only thing you know to do is be Happy. I am not perfect and like everyone else I had to face challenges and overcome them. Its easy to give up when you can’t push further however the reward of pushing on is your own happiness and self gratification.